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Felicia NicholsDr. Felicia Nichols
Superintendent of Schools, Catholic Dioses of Beaumont

The OLLU PhD program afforded me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of my leadership style and its impact on my school community. As a result of the program, not only have I been able to contribute to the scholarly research in my field, I have gained the confidence to exert positive and pastoral influence within my organization. Since obtaining a PhD from OLLU, I have earned a position as Superintendent of Schools in the Catholic diocese of Beaumont. The knowledge and skills that I gained OLLU PhD program contributed to my confidence and personal effectiveness as a leader of school communities. I am grateful for the format of the weekend format of the OLLU PhD program, which provided me with the flexibility to maintain my obligations at work while continuing my education. I am also thankful for the lifelong relationships that I have built with my fellow cohort members and professors.

Jessica ToddJessica Todd, PhD
Principal, Brownsville ISD

I was very apprehensive about starting a PhD program, but now that I look back and reflect on my journey I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and as a leader. The Leadership Studies program at OLLU has taught me some very important lessons but most of all has taught me the importance of balancing the things that I value most in life. I have learned so many conceptual leadership skills that I have been able to put into practice as a new elementary school principal. I know that the skills and knowledge that I have gained in this program helped me excel in my interview and in what I do every day within my school community. I can make connections with what I found in the literature regarding leadership and what I found in my study and apply those concepts in the education field. I am confident that I can motivate my teachers and students to accomplish set goals, but most importantly build genuine relationships with them. I am grateful for the OLLU leadership program and the lifelong leadership and career skills that I have gained.

Larry MillerLarry Miller, PhD
Science Instructor, Laredo ISD

I recommend OLLU for students who are looking to build the foundations of becoming good leaders. OLLU taught me more than just leadership skills. They taught me how to be a better all-around person. The university gave me knowledge in dimensions I didn’t even know existed. The professors provide a lot of inspiration and insight on how to become a great leader. In addition, they designed interactive classroom environments where you can easily ask any questions. It was a fun and unforgettable experience. Leadership is one of the most prominent qualities I have developed, thanks to OLLU.