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Payment Plans

Students must obtain Final Confirmation of Registration in order to complete the registration process and have their names listed on the class rosters. In order to receive Final Confirmation of Registration, students must agree to the Financial Responsibility Policy in Student Finance (located in the myOLLU Portal) and set up a payment agreement plan and make a payment  This applies to all students regardless of financial aid status. If students miss the deadline for obtaining Final Confirmation of Registration, registration will be canceled. More information on Final Confirmation of Registration Policy/Procedures can be found on the Student Business Office page in the myOLLU Portal.

If a student decides not to attend and has already registered, it is the responsibility of the student to formally withdraw per the Financial Obligation and Refunds Policy . Students will be liable for any tuition due if they do not formally withdraw. Online Payment Arrangement Procedures can be viewed via the myOLLU Student Business Office Portal page.

Registration and Payment Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2024  

Summer 2024  

Fall 2024  

Spring 2025  

Available Payment Plans

Agreement requiring no payment

100 percent Financial Aid Agreement - (available for fall, spring and summer semesters). Students whose financial help exceeds total charges for the term - agree to the Financial Responsibility Policy when entering Student Finance via the myOLLU Portal.

Agreements requiring payments and enrollment in a payment plan

Traditional Plans - To enroll, agree to the Financial Responsibility Policy when entering the Student Finance section of the myOLLU Portal then continue to enroll in a payment plan.

Option 1 - One payment per semester 

  • Available in fall, spring and summer semesters
  • Payment in full due by deferred date or date of enrollment in a payment agreement
  • Payment can also be net of financial aid, Employer Reimbursement amount
  • $45 late payment fee assessed

Option 2 - two payments per semester

  • Available in fall, spring, and summer semesters as well as Fast Track A and B
  • 50% due by deferred date or the date of enrollment in a payment agreement
  • Remainder due as stated in the payment agreement
  • $45 late payment fee assessed

Option 3 - four payments per semester

  • Available in the fall and spring semesters for traditional students
  • Available in the fall, spring and summer semesters for students registered for Fast Track A and B and/or nontraditional students
  • 25% due by deferred date or date of enrollment in a payment agreement
  • Remaining 25% installments due as stated on payment agreement
  • Requires a payment plan fee of $45

Deferred Agreements - Student can set up a payment plan with the first payment due by the due date in payment plan.

Note: All obligations must be paid per the Our Lady of the Lake University Delinquency and Default Policy.

Health Insurance

All OLLU students enrolled in seven or more credit hours will be required to maintain health insurance for the academic year. The health insurance policy must be a hospitalization, illness and accident policy.

Once students register for classes, they will automatically be enrolled in OLLU's health insurance plan, provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company. The policy fee will be reflected on the student's bill. Students who currently have health insurance, or are on their parent's health insurance, will have the opportunity to submit a waiver to have the fee removed after registration.

Note: This policy does not apply to students taking 100 percent online classes.

International Students

All international students are required to maintain the OLLU health insurance provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company. Per Our Lady of the Lake University policy, international students are not allowed to waive the coverage. As such, the health insurance policy fee cannot be removed from an international student's bill.

How to Waive the Student Health Insurance

Students who wish to waive the health insurance provided by Wellfleet Insurance Company can begin the process 24 hours after registering for classes. To begin the process:

  • Visit the Wellfleet Insurance Company website at
  • Students will be asked to provide current insurance information to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for health insurance coverage.

If the waiver is approved, the fee will be removed from the student's bill.

Note: Please allow five business days from notification of the approval of the waiver approval for the health insurance fee to be removed from the bill.

To learn more about the Wellfleet Insurance Company plan, visit  and read more about the master policy. Use the drop down menu and select "Our Lady of the Lake University-Texas Campus" to get started.

Book Vouchers

A Book Voucher is an allowance available at the Bookstore, representing the expected financial aid above and beyond tuition, room/board, fees and any other charges related to school attendance. It can be used to purchase textbooks, supplies, clothing, gifts or Bookstore Bucks cards.

Students eligible are those whose expected financial aid is in excess of tuition plus all other charges associated with school attendance. The amount available is subject to change depending on Student Account Activity (add/drop, changes in financial aid, etc.). All students must have Final Confirmation of Registration approval prior to utilizing a book voucher. 

Cashier Services

The Student Business Office is the University's primary cash handling representative. All tuition bills can be paid online or at the Student Business Office during regular business hours. 

Financial aid refund checks will not be distributed from the Student Business Office. Checks will be mailed to the student's preferred mailing address indicated in our system. The University prefers that all refunds to students be delivered via electronic fund transfer (E-Refund). Sign up for E-Refund can be completed through the myOLLU Portal Student Finance section.

Please refer to the myOLLU Portal for complete cashier services policies and procedures.

Payment Arrangements for Former Students

Former students who have outstanding balances with OLLU, can click here to make payments online