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Scholarships and University Programs

Our Lady of the Lake University offers a variety of programs, financial aid and discounts to assist adult students with funding their education. You should begin the financial aid application process at the same time that you apply to OLLU.

Incoming transfer students are eligible for an academic scholarship based on college level GPA. These scholarships are merit-based only and financial aid is available to supplement the cost of attendance.

These scholarships are renewable each year with satisfactory academic progress. 

Greehey Excellence Scholarship - $15,000
Greehey Excellence Scholarship - $13,000
Greehey Merit Scholarship - $10,000
Greehey Achievement Scholarship - $9,000
Greehey Heritage Scholarship - $8,500

These scholarships are made available through endowments provided by donors. Criteria and applications for the endowed scholarships are available in the forms and resources section of the this website. Applications for most of these scholarships open in March.

Available to master's degree students who do not receive tuition reimbursement from their employers. The scholarship is $250 per course with a maximum of $500 per term. This scholarship is not available in conjunction with any other OLLU discount.

A tuition discount is available to employees of EdAssist partner companies who are seeking a master's degree. Not available with some online programs. 

A 20% tuition discount is available to full-time employees of area school districts and Catholic schools who are seeking a master's degree. This discount is not available with some online programs.